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Dec 19, 2022 – Jan 4, 2023

Dear Friends
Reflecting on 2022, our group of galleries hosted an astonishing 69 exhibitions across 4 locations and 5 art fairs. Forty-four were solo presentations and the rest group showcases of over a hundred artists.
The dynamic diversity of our artists’ output can in retrospect be knitted together by their wholesale commitment to professional practice, from conception to execution, and a willingness to scratch around in the mud of human experience, sifting for nuggets of meaning that, once found, they labour to shape and polish for our edification and delight. They also share the curious hubris required to create anything at all, and the humility and sensitivity to allow themselves to be conduits for information. It is the latter that enables them to conjure unique, authentic reflections of their own lived experience and mirrors of our own. I would like to thank all of the artists that have contributed to another remarkable year and for keeping us on our toes, willing us to be the best we can.
Ethan Hawke in a recent interview opined that no one gives a toss about poetry until someone near to them dies, and we go searching for a verse written by someone who appears to understand our suffering. The same is broadly true about visual art. It only means something when people are looking for meaning. Our goal is to always be a repository for extraordinary artworks so that, whenever someone is in need of the upliftment, contemplation, celebration or consolation best delivered by art, we have the necessary balm.
Happily, we continue to enjoy the remarkable support of a broad audience who continue to sustain such a repository, enabling us to keep artists, their families and the legions of entrepreneurs who enable it all alive with dignity. From foundries to framers to photographers and technicians, the wider network that your patronage helps perpetuate is mind-boggling, running into thousands of creatives. We take our responsibility as a conduit and fulcrum for this very seriously, and couldn’t do it without our clients consistent support. So thank you too!
Finally to the team at Everard Read, numbering some 70 staff and the hundreds of independent allied experts named above, thanks are due too. Your universally cheery demeanour in the face of our relentless programme of exhibitions, involving constant polishing and often back-breaking and mind-bending work under deadline, is a privilege to be part of. In a country that demands and requires so much from the private sector, your holding of the space for the ultimate entrepreneurial endeavour - art making - is a necessary inspiration.
It remains only to wish you all a restful and peaceful festive season. We look forward to doing it all over again next year with you, with the added excitement of our new partnership with 16 on Lerotholi, a gallery in Langa coming to fruition in February (more to follow soon).
Perhaps 2023 will be the year that we all realise we have suffered enough and allow the fruits of human contemplation to settle in and soften our world. Who knows....
Charles Shields
Group CEO



Please note that Everard Read Johannesburg will be closed from Thursday 22 December, and will re-open on Wednesday 4 January 2023 at 9AM. 



 Everard Read London has also closed for the festive season and will re-open on Tuesday 3 January 2023.



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