SPECTRUM: A Group Show


URBANSKI, A06 10 10 17, 2017

SPECTRUM: A Group Show
May 4 – Jun 24, 2017

A group show exploring colour, light and energy in South African contemporary art. Derived from the Latin term ‘specere’ meaning an image or apparition, ‘spectrum’ also refers to the band of colours created by the refraction of light. A ‘spectrum’ can also denote a connection between two opposite points, and what lies between them. This group of artists explore themes of light, colour, energy and its traces.


Liberty Battson

Paolo Bini

Fred Clarke

Amber-Jade Geldenhuys

Galia Gluckman

Liza Grobler

Swain Hoogervorst

Giggs Kgole

Bronwyn Lace

Keneilwe Mokoena

Marcus Neustetter

Jo O’Connor

Richard Penn

Lyndi Sales

Penelope Stutterheime

Andrzej Urbanski

Philippe Uzac

Neill Wright