Dylan Lewis is Africa’s most internationally renowned living figurative sculptor.  Collectively Lewis’ bronzes of felines form perhaps the most powerful commentary on nature and wilderness that has been made by any artist of this era.  His cats are far more profound works of art than mere contemporary animalia bronzes.  Indeed, they fully interrogate the lithe, almost boneless, grace of these apex predators – creatures that impart by their very presence a palpable tension to any true wilderness.

Lewis’ cats are imbued with a unique dense energy by this artist who, through a lifetime of immersing himself in pristine natural environments, somehow contrives to elevate his sculpture into a homage not only to the singular animals but indeed to their ancient lineages.  Lewis’ bronzes fully capture the essence of an organism perfectly adapted to its habitat – the bodily expression of DNA adapting to eons of inexorable environmental change.  In the presence of his art, it does not take long to be affected by the rare brilliance and self-confident virtuosity honed by decades of work both in nature and his studio.  

Whilst his cat sculptures have attracted collectors’ attention, Lewis has gradually shifted vision and focus onto the human figure.  Elements of humanity began to be hinted at in some early sculptures in the artists development.  A growing body of recent work featuring highly charged emotional and erotic human forms now dominate much of this fascinating sculptor’s artistic output.

Lewis’ sculpture has been avidly collected internationally for decades and this has resulted in two auctions at Christies being wholly dedicated Lewis’ bronzes.  The last Christies sale in 2018 achieved a 100% sale result.

Dylan Lewis lives in Stellenbosch, South Africa.  He has developed a unique sculpture garden where some of his most celebrated bronzes may be viewed by appointment within the natural environment that intellectually nourishes their maker.



2021     Apex, 2021 Everard Read, Cape Town, London and CIRCA Gallery, Johannesburg

2020     CHTHONIOS, CIRCA Gallery, Cape Town

2017     Off the wall; A Group Sculpture Show, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg

2015     Cape Town Art Fair, featured artist, Everard Read Cape Town

2014     A Small Collection of Cats Everard Read Cape Town and Johannesburg

            Recent Cat Bronzes, John Martin Gallery, London, UK.

2013     ARTLONDON13, Everard Read, Johannesburg Booth, London, UK.

            WWF- Everard Read Johannesburg

2012    ‘Summer of Sculpture’, group exhibition, Everard Read, Cape Town (Mount Nelson Hotel) 

            Delhi Art Fair

            Untamed - Berkley Square, London in association with Christies South Kensington

2011    ‘Recent Works’, Everard Read Cape Town & Johannesburg

            Solo auction, Christie’s, London

             ’20 Stellenbosch’, group exhibition, Stellenbosch

2010     ‘Untamed’, Everard Read, Cape Town (at Oude Bank in Stellenbosch) and Kirstenbosch Gardens

2009     Solo auction, Christie’s, London

            ‘Shape Shifting’, Everard Read, Cape Town & Johannesburg

2007     Everard Read, Cape Town (at L’Ormarins in Franschoek)

            Everard Read, Johannesburg

2006     ART LONDON6 Everard Read, Johannesburg Booth, London, UK.

2004     ART LONDON4 Everard Read, Johannesburg Booth, London, UK.

2003     One man exhibition, Everard Read, Cape Town

            ART LONDON3 Everard Read, Johannesburg Booth, London, UK.

2001     One man exhibition, Everard Read, Cape Town, The Clocktower Precinct

            ARTLONDON2 Everard Read, Johannesburg

            Everard Read, solo exhibition, Johannesburg

2000     ARTLONDON1 Everard Read, Johannesburg Booth, London, UK.

            Toronto International Art & Antiques Fair in association with Miriam Shiell

            Fine Art, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto

            Dallas International Pavilion

            Dallas International Art & Antiques Fair in association with Miriam Shiell

            Fine Art, Dallas International Pavilion








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