COLBERT MASHILE: Just My Imagination



COLBERT MASHILE: Just My Imagination
Jun 29 – Jul 22, 2017




29 JUNE – 22 JULY 2017


“There is a bubbling under the surface. A tensioned rope pulling taut which is about to snap. Something is about to give. The political climate we are in at the moment is at a boiling point and about to spill over and quench the fire. Whether the good or the not so good is about to happen, the gall bitter feeling keeps on creeping slowly from the stomach to the mouth. This body of work deals with the feeling of anticipation that lingers in the air in our country.” – Colbert Mashile.

Mashile’s anthropomorphic animals are back in the newest body of works as he continues to explore theme of storytelling through his strong visual imagery and carefully considered titles.  His well-recognized animal characters drawn from African folk tales, like the rabbit, hyena and monkey, are joined by some new animals, the ostrich and lizard.  The artist’s recent travels, a journey through the Karoo to a residency in the Western Cape as well as a trip abroad to London and subsequent visit to the National Gallery, seem to have inspired the new characters and themes explored in this body of work.

Mashile continues to comment on the seriousness of the current socio-political events we are presented with daily, with his characteristic use of wit and innuendo. The works are probing and, at times, uneasy. We are invited to consider our viewpoint as we stand on the outside looking in, confronted by Mashile’s dream-like visions of the South African political landscape.

The Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg is thrilled to announce the opening of Colbert Mashile’s ‘Just My Imagination’ on Thursday 29th June at 6pm. We invite you to hear more about this latest body of works at a walkabout with the artist at 11am on Saturday 8th July 2017 6 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank.