May 30 – Jul 6, 2019

Lady Skollie

Good & Evil

30 May – 6 July 2019


Let us pray.

I close my eyes and I see Jesus (white) surrounded by twelve men (white), he is far upon a hilltop, preaching. The wind carries his voice far away from me. I only catch snippets of words and ideas. I am on the outskirts, I can't hear.  I start making up my own stories. My favourite is learning about Lot's wife; I start to understand that if you don't do what God and your husband says they turn you into a salt pillar. I wonder if being a salt statue isn't better than being a woman serving a man. My father takes me to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the age of nine. I start to imagine Jesus carrying an AK47 and rolling around with an entourage.

I grow up, the story of the fish and bread multiplying manifests in my life because my mother and father provide. Every time I imagine the end, it doesn't come, there is always a little more that helps us persevere. 

My father collects tithes in a small velvet bag. I'm not allowed to wear a three-piece suit in church so I stop going.  I see water turning into wine and wine turning into money and us, we all just turn into a hangover. 



Dop System Drome

Skollie, sy kô hys toe.


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